Celebrating our 25th Year of Animation at CCAD!


The Columbus College of Art & Design, founded in 1879, is one of the oldest arts schools in the United States. Located in downtown Columbus Ohio, CCAD offers both BFA and MFA degrees.

Ron Saks established the CCAD animation curriculum in 1988. These courses served students in Illustration, Advertising/Graphic Design, and Fine Art. In 1997, the Media Studies majors (Time-Based and Still-Based) were founded to house the ever-expanding catalog of course and track offerings in Animation and Cinematic Arts. In 2008, the Animation Major was formally named.

25 years of animation education at CCAD has yielded a wealth of industry contributions. A very short list includes: Nathan Greno (Co-Director, Tangled), Dan Scanlon (Director, Monsters University), Steven Umbleby (Senior Artist, Bento Box Entertainment LLC), and recent hires to watch: Patrick Kain (Rad Fortress) and Christopher Campbell (Associate Concept Artist, Riot Games).


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